30 September – 1 October 2019
CEPS, Brussels

Eric André Martin


Éric-André Martin joined Ifri in 2018. He is member of the Policy Planning Staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and contributes to the Ifri’s research activity by analyzing political evolutions within the EU as well as the main debates regarding its external policy. His research also covers non-proliferation issues as well as control of strategic trade. He worked as an expert for the European Commission on these issues, notably, as team leader of the EU P2P Programme.

Eric-André Martin has developped a strong experience on European issues through his successive assignments in Poland, in Germany as well as in the Foreign Ministry in Paris.

Among his external publications: „The search for more efficiency of strategic trade control: the game between robbers and policemen”, Annuaire français de relations internationales, 2017.

He also contributed to various publications related to strategic trade control.